Branding small businesses -2021-

Develop a brand in 2021 on Social media

“Branding signify consistency, credibility and quality; this is exactly why Google loves brands.”

Developing a brand, will help to increase sells to your business, brandin strategy,

Branding is key when trying to rank first on Google, Bing and any other Search Engine or Social Media platform.

The aim or purpose of developing a Brand is to boost awareness and credibility to the business.

“The power of Social media for small businesses in 2021 is amazing.”

Get the most of social media developing a Brand

Social media branding’s power gives your business a network of fans loyal to your brand eager to buy from you. The conversion rate increase by 40% (or more) with a business that develops a brand vs the business that not.

Developing a brand on social media increase awareness and engagement. Two factors that are so important to generate more sales to your business.

Branding your business on Social media

When you start developing a brand on social media, you have to start from the basics:

  • Design a logo
  • Define your colour palette
  • Write your vision and mission condense it in your profile bio.

Social media platforms are very visual. Videos, images are vital to increasing the number of followers. Developing a brand will help you to target the right audience.

When developing your brand in social media you have to consider that these platforms are looking for social engagement. With that in mind, the content that you provide it has to make your audience feel a certain way towards your business. This is called Emotional Branding.

Emotional Branding is one of the most precious secrets techniques that marketers are using for decades.

So… What is emotional branding?

Emotional Branding formes a relationship between the consumer and a product by provoking their emotions.

When targeting humans natural desire for love, power, emotional security you can increase awareness by emotionally triggered marketing. 

This tactic can be over 50% more effective than a non-emotionally targeted advertisement.

Why finding your niche is so essential for Branding?

Defining your niche helps you to get to know your specific client.

When you know your ideal client, you learn how to

  • Approach them
  • What they like
  • And more importantly, why they choose you.

To get the most of social media, check these few steps to brand your business successfully:


Content is the secret ingredient of the recipe of success in social media. Why? People want to learn, be entertain, and feel emotions.

That said, define your brand exclusive content, is very important. It is not just about to post random videos every day. There’s a possibility that you gain followers, but not potential clients.

One important thing to consider when posting your content in social media is, maintain a consistent concept.

Some businesses post different type of content every day. This decreases not only the right target audience but also the conversion rate. My advice, till you approach the 50,000 followers mark, try to maintain brand exclusive content.

Its not about to oversell your products everyday, is about to be consistent with your message by giving to your audience:

  • Educational content
  • Entertaining content
  • Information about the usability of your product
  • and more.

You’re the expert in developing your product or service. Your audience is eager to learn every single part of what you do.

Sharing behind the scenes, gives insights of who you are as entrepreneur.

Packing videos, office tour, daily entrepreneur routines, and more; while maintaining your brand exclusive content will make your followers feel part of your business and increase awareness.


Our brain tends to process visual and media content 60,000X faster when is compared with regular text.

Having this in mind, you can’t afford to ignore this essential part in your branding process.

  • Find a colour palette that adapts to your products and yourself
  • Typography,
  • Logo and Slogan

These elements will play a crucial role in how your followers perceive your brand in social media.

Try to avoid Social Media Myths:

“Social media can make your brand popular overnight”.

Now, regardless of what you see on social media; it’s simply not possible in real life to get hundreds of thousands of genuine followers in a few weeks.

“Genuine” is the keyword in this equation. As a small business in social media, your goal is to provide a product or service. Your goal is to convert your followers into clients. For that reason, having random followers on your page can be more damaging than beneficial.

Another myth that I can say I did fall in to was

Being on all social media platforms?

Not a good idea, social media is about being social;

If you’re not able to engage with your followers correctly, you will not get the desired results for your business.

Develop a brand till I have enough followers

Many small businesses don’t focus on branding their business from the beginning, because “they don’t have enough followers”.

Building your brand from the get-go is super important. Having your business on social media helps you to build a better connection with your customers. 

Be flexible when optimizing your brand. Go with the flow of the trends while maintaining your brand voice.

5 Social media branding strategies:

Social media has grown enormously in a few years. And lately, small businesses are using this amazing opportunity to grow their brand and reach their audience.

Businesses are increasing their social presence: and creating a strong brand image increase traffic, leads and sales.

However, as more and more businesses realize the importance of social media; it becomes a crowded space, making it harder for small business to stand out from the rest.

Having a social media branding plan will give you best results with the least amount of risk.

Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, take the right steps will give your brand a unique edge over the competition.

Let’s check into these efficient social media branding strategies; these tips are simple to apply and followed consistently, can give you significant results.

Choose the appropriate network to promote your social media brand.

Do you remember the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? You don’t want your brand to look negative, not answer comments, reviews, or ignore clients’ requests. You should choose one social media network and focus on making it grow organically.

Depending on your business, choose a platform that’s best for your brand to stand out.

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For example, suppose you’re a B2B (business to business) industry, such as a residential management company. In that case, you may want to tap into the power of LinkedIn for building your brand. Why? Because LinkedIn has many business owners actively using it.

But suppose your business is more on the (Business to consumer) or C2C (consumer to consumer) side. In that case, you may want to get more active on Facebook or Pinterest.

Be consistent with your message:

Brand building on social media isn’t complicated. It becomes far more straightforward when you understand the importance of consistently crafting the right kind of messages.

Your brand becomes more involved with your target audience when you regularly use visuals and text matching your purpose. People on social media are used to identifying patterns or themes; so it always pays off when you are consistent in your efforts. The longer you do it; the better results you will see.

Sharing a consistent message on social media is not something that depends on how old your brand is. You have to try to build your brand message from the beginning. Every single social media platform can make your business grow.

With billions of people spending more time shopping online. It is only right to believe that your business’s chances of generating more social media sales are fact.

Post frequently:

Being consistent will help grow your followers and your audience.

Posting is essential when developing a social media branding strategy. The more often you post, the more you engage with your followers.

It is also critical that your post is a “good post” and related to your brand. How often people interact with your brand on social media impacts how much they connect to it. Creating an account on the right social media platform is just the first part of the equation. The other part is getting your word out there.

How often should you post on each social media? 

“Check our next blog on to detail the advantages of being constantly posting on social media.”

Take this as a guide. You can always adapt this to your strategy.

  • Facebook 2 times per day
  • Instagram 1.5 times per day 
  • Twitter 3+ times per day 
  • Linkedin 1 time per day 
  • Pinterest 5+ times per day 
  • Youtube 5+ times per day 
  • TikTok 4+ times per day 

It is safe to say that social media marketing has many components or moving parts. And to make sure they are running together smoothly, you have to ensure that you’re publishing engaging content frequently.

The most practical way to do this is to create an organized content calendar. You won’t lose track of your social media postings and will be able to make it a top priority.

Find your brand voice:

Every brand has a personality that differentiates it from the others. This unique personality helps a brand connect with its target audience and build relationships. But if your brand’s character does not show in your social media content, it will be hard to get heard. That’s why you need to find and develop your voice on social media.

To help to develop your social media branding voice, its good to not depend on templates all the time.

Your post doesn’t have to scream your brand in every single post, but they shouldn’t be empty of any branding.

Include subtle yet consistent Branding in your social media post is key to developing your social media branding voice.

Your bio is the cover of your social media branding online.

That said, optimizing your profile bio is crucial to stand out your brand from the rest. Follow this few tips:

  • Don’t overwrite your bio.
  • Describe your business’s purpose in a few words.
  • Showcase the benefits of your small business.

Developing a social media branding in social media is the key to success for your small business. Being constant and flexible will make your audience grow and lead you to more sales.

Let us help to develop the right brand strategy for your business. Contact us today.

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