Grow your business on Instagram

Today we gonna talk about how to grow your business on instagram.

Being online has become a crucial part of building a business in 2021. With lockdown in many cities, it’s easy for entrepreneurs, sell products and services online.

How to grow your business on instagram

Social media platforms like instagram, facebook, linkedin are making easy for businesses to gain more visibility online.

The opportunity to create a successful business using instagram as a platform is easier than before. Instagram is a visual platform that focus on engagement through images and videos.

For businesses that offer physical products is a great way to showcase your catalog. Also its easy to get real reactions from the audience and engage with customers.

I think Instagram and all social media platforms have a great potential to make your business succesful in short amount of time. But you need to have an strategy, the right strategy.

Choosing the right social media platform for my business

When working on your social media marketing strategy, you have to keep in consideration, wich social media are suitable for your brand.

The trendy platforms are, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, youtube etc. However choose between all of them might be overwealming. I recommend you to stick with one or two social media platforms at the time and not all of them.

The key to success in social media is a engagement. Having to many platforms will make this impossible.

Instagram is a great platform for business. It has great features and the option to analyze the insights and evaluate your progress.

The right content for your business on Instagram

Social media is about engagement, and thats why post regularly and make good content its important when looking to increase your following.

Even though Instagram has a great tool to analyse your insights. Knowing your audience and have a clear idea where do you want to take your business is crucial.

The right content will help you to reach the right audience. Its not only about having lots of followers. Its great, but for businesses is about quality more then quantity.

Convertion rate is when you make a follower into a customer. And so your social media marketing strategy has to focus on increasing convertion rate rather increase your following.

Increasing convertion rate to grow my business on Instagram

Define your niche:

To increase your convertion rate on Instagram, you have to define your client persona.

A client persona is your ideal customer, the person that will likely buy your products or services. Write down what are the solutions that your product offer. and then write down who would benefit from this solutions.

Analyzing your client persona will help you to create the content that will attrack the right following. Content is important!

Think like your possible client, be the client. (is like good detectives work) 


Make your clients recognize your post from the bunch, colours that are your identity, fonts, style, logo, make your brand unique.

Social media branding is about consistently using the right methods to engage with your target audience on social media platforms. The aim or purpose is to boost brand awareness.


As we discuss before, content is essential when looking to succesfully grow your business using Instagram.

What your client would like to see in your feed, what can make your client stop in your post, like, comment, click and make a purchase? What will make you do that?.

Think about all those times when you saw something you like, comment, follow or purchase? And there’s the key.

Educational content is a great way to gain followers. and yes, that’s valuable, but there’s a key, your post has to have a guide map that will take your client to your goal.

Your goal as a business is sell. Guide your client, don’t be afraid to make your call action clear.

Your followers need to know what to do. “What do I do with this information, should I save, share? Or I love this product where can I get it from?”.

Your content is the key to have success on Instagram. Show your expertise, use facts, be as clear as you can with your audience. and engange.


Be flexible on Instagram is key:

It’s ok if some of your posts don’t get enough attention that others. Analyze the numbers, and see what works and whatnot.

Don’t worry, keep trying you are more close than you think to the perfect content strategy.

Don’t get stick with one idea be open to trying a different approach to your audience. Check what your competition is doing, that will give you a better idea what can work for you as well, don’t be afraid to try.

Sell with psychology:

Learning how to grow your business on Instagram is simple when you set a goal.

Trying to convert your followers into clients, cant be bit scary. But believe me if your followers like your content on Instagram they will be more then happy to invest in your product/service.

That is to say, you have to be smart when selling on social media. Don’t be pushy, but be clear. Your followers have to know what your purpose is.

It never happened to you that you go inside a store and not shopping because no one helps you? It happens very often.

Is the same online you have to be very clear. Clear enough that they know your product is the best option for them and available for them to purchase. 

Be yourself: 

This could wrap it up all the steps that we discuss above. Your brand reflect who you are. Is the “it” thing that makes you stand out from the rest.

While there’s probably nothing more cliché than declaring the power and importance of “being yourself,”. There are some real dangers in business in not being yourself.

Here are a few dire circumstances that will be encountered if the “real you” is somehow obscured from your community, clients, and competitors.

Take your time to think what makes you different, unique. Stick to yourself but be flexible enough to go with new trends and improve your product.

So what does “being yourself” mean as an organization?

  • It means not offering more than you can or something different from feeling comfortable with.
  • Not pretending to be more (or less) professional than you are.
  • Not hiding your size, your age, or your circumstances.
  • Owning what you do know and what you can offer.

Customer service:

This goes for your old clients and new clients. If you heard all is about getting new followers, new clients, new is not always best.

You have to have both strategies, getting new clients and keeping your existing clients happy.

E-mail marketing, special offers for your existing clients, prioritizing their requirements, etc.

You will get incredible results if you know and mark a difference with new and existing clients, and belief is a million dollar strategy.

Building a successful business on Instagram in 2021 is possible.

In Ifyhani we love to work hand by hand with our clients. Keep your brand voice while growing your business is possible. Feel free to contact us and get a consultation today.

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