Setting up a business from home

So here we are, you did research, find your niche and you’re ready to start your own business, but…

Home business are the new trend in 2021

Where do you start?

Whats the first step?

The excitement in the beginning of a new journey is the best sensation ever, but for this journey, to work the best way for you, I recommend you follow this simple 10 steps, just to make the beginning more pleasant and enjoyable for you.

Get educated

Passion and excitement is a great formula to start a business but you have to combined those with some basic business knowledge under your belt. Investing in a niche-specific course is the best way to go, but if you’re working on a shoestring budget, start by reading a book or two, watch videos in youtube (I am telling you, you can learn basically everything on youtube) and follow your favorite business entrepreneurs 

Write a business plan

I am the kind of person that goes with the excitement and start something overnight but believe me is not worth it, write a business plan will save you so much time and money, wich is a crucial thing when you just start a business.

Business plans don’t have to be complicated, long, or stuffy! Think of your business plan as a simple roadmap that will help guide your way to business success. 

Naming your business

Here are quick tips to name your business for success 

A) Avoid hard to spell names.

B) Don’t pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows.

C) Do a web search of your name options.

D) Choose a name that has some meaning.

E) Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud.

F) When you done go trough all the legal process to make sure that your name is not taken can be all yours.

Choose your business structure

Your options are Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), S Corporation, or Corporation. Each structure has its pros and cons, and meeting with a lawyer or an accountant can help you determine which structure best suits your needs in terms of liability and taxation. 

Apply for Applicable Permits, Licenses, and Forms

Check the laws applicable to your country this is very important, check the applicable taxes for your specific industry.

Separate personal from business financial

Keeping your business finances separate from your personal finances is an easy way to keep your bookkeeping organized and up-to-date. And depending on which business structure you choose, it may be a necessity. 

Build your website

You need a website, with this pandemic keeping us at home, and most of the business already online, your customers are online, you don’t have to be an expert, WordPress has an amazing platform, easy to use that with what you can start.

Define how do you want to be contact

Either by email or dm, you have to choose a communication method based in what you feel more comfortable to use constantly, you cant let your messages or emails unattended, if you want to add a phone number its ok just be sure that you have your office space at home in a not busy area.

Define your Marketing methods

Because you’ve already filled out your business plan, you’ve already determined which marketing methods you’ll be using. Take the time to set up those accounts and profiles, so that they’re ready for action. You can even put out a teaser update about your upcoming business launch! 

Get your home office ready

And here we are, the last part of the launching process is finding the perfect spot in your house for your home office, find a space that doesn’t interrupt your family space and that is quiet so you can concentrate, also where you have awesome internet signal.

So there is you’re all set to start your journey, if you need some help in the road follow our social media and blog subscribe!!! we are always posting new content to help small business to get successful.

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