Mask and acne, how to prevent maskne!

Now days face mask are playing a big role in preventing the spread of coronavirus, and that’s why wearing them is part of our daily routine.

But mask can also be bit hard on our skin and that’s why we have to make some improvements in our skin care routine.

So… What’s maskne?

First let’s take a look at the why in the maskne situation, “Masks create a warm and humid environment underneath them which traps moisture and sebum,” – Dr Thivi Maruthappu, consultant dermatologist and spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation.

She explains “This can aggravate pre-existing acne or cause new breakouts by clogging pores. These pores become inflamed leading to the classical red tender acne lesion. Maskne typically occurs around the mouth and nose area but can also affect the jawline.”

Now you know the Why in the situation, let’s look for a solution, try this steps to prevent and reduce maskne.

How to prevent and reduce maskne:

1.- Wash Wash

Wash your face two times per day morning and at night (before going to bed), or after sweating or wearing the mask.

Use non-comedogenic products, non-comedogenic products likely to help us avoid skin pore blockages and other unwelcome signs of acne that may result. Remember not overcleanse your skin as the skin reaction to dryness is create more oil, that can increase the problem.

2.- Skip make up while wearing mask

If you’re like me and you love to wear make up, well, try non-comedogenic or won’t clog pores labeled products, otherwise avoid make up beneath the mask, as this can cause an acne breakthrough.

3.- Wear the right mask

Wearing a soft, natural and breathable fabric on the inside layer will prevent the spread of coronavirus and also will help your skin to breathe better, most dermatologist recommend cotton as the fabric of choice. Look for a snug but comfortable fit while choosing your mask, tight fit can cause irritation on the skin.

4.- Try to take a mask break every 4 hours

Try to take a mask break every 4 hours when possible and keeping social distancing, Health care workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic have found that this helps save their skin.

Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after to take your mask off.

5.- Wash your cloth masks

Last but definitely not least wash your cloth masks after each use, many health care organisations now recommend that you do so. Washing your cloth mask will remove dirt, oils and skin cells that collect inside the mask.

* Try and follow the instructions to wash in each mask.

* Use not fragrant detergent and hypoallergenic.

* Wash with hot water unless instructions say otherwise.

Check the fit of your mask after every wash, if it doesn’t snug or fit properly will be less protective.

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