Fashion in Times of Covid

Cover our mouth and nose is part of our lives nows, and yes is hard but it’s a reality and we have to live with that.

As our lives have changed fashion is also moving forward, online, you can find a good amount of sweat sets and casual looks, it is a “Covid 19 trend or is the current path of fashion? A lot of fashion historians are saying “It is tempting to think that contemporary fashion will continue on its current trajectory of increasing casualnes”.

Well yeah, you can see a lot people on the street in what we used to call “pajamas” and is really temptingly delicious leave the house in a warm and comfy pair of joggers, even though you get the quirky face of one or two cool people on the street. We have to keep in mind that even though there’s a lot comfy lovers (myself 😁), there’s also a lot of fashionistas that even at home, in quarantine are dressed up!, and why not.

As we have heard from Raisa Bretaña, fashion historian who teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute, “My hope is that post-pandemic fashion capitalizes on the ‘occasion’ of dressing up,” Bretaña adds. “When we are finally able to return to social activities like parties and happy hours and even in-person work meetings, I think that the opportunity to dress up will inspire even the least fashion-forward people to make more of an effort than they did pre-pandemic.”

Yes, we will have the change to dress up again, and why not create a new style “comfy dress up”, I found myself looking inspiration for this new trend online and I found my inspirational top 5.

Nude color
Pastel colors

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T-shirt with bold design
Add a blazer to your outfit.
Bold colors
Hats are back!!
Monochromatic look

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